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dispensa perfect access to content from both sides

Dispensa - Perfect access to content from both sides

A lot of food is stored in every home. Instantly place the products that require cooling in the refrigerator. Dry products are often scattered across many different cabinets, creating chaos.
In the Dispensa system, the supplies are placed in one perfectly organized...

Roomy like a Tandem

Roomy like a Tandem

Tandem is the undisputed king in the kitchen. Packed like a warehouse, opened like a refrigerator - it will hold all your supplies. You can open it effortlessly - just one move and you have flour, sugar or rice at your fingertips. It works perfectly with the...

efficient and fast cooking kitchen

Dennken functionality

Well organised, functionality is the base for an efficient and fast cooking kitchen.

Functionality means that a given item, equipment or piece of furniture is useful and comfortable. Good organization, in turn, is a skill that can be learned by learning how to use...

Vintage style Kitchen

A Barn converted into a cosy cottage, adding a touch of class, vintage style Kitchen

Combining natural wood elements to match the surroundings of the kitchen, but giving its uniqueness.
This compact kitchen has enough worktop space, to do your daily cooking while the island is fantastic for entertaining friends and family.

shaker handmade kitchen

Shaker handmade kitchen

Shaker handmade kitchen, is a one-a-kind sprayed in a matt olive green texture, with a touch of Gold. With exceptional door details giving it a delicate, but smart finish. Providing enough space and usage for all types of families.

ultra modern kitchen

This beautiful toned ultra modern kitchen contains slim and clean lines.

At Dennken, we prioritise every specific need of a client. This beautiful toned ultra modern kitchen contains slim and clean lines.
Fully bespoke, defined as sleek due to its minimalistic cabinets and our handleless features. The worktop compliments floor, bottom units and top hung with...

Custom made kitchen

Custom made kitchen

A beautiful contemporary light grey matt finish. Custom made kitchen with various integrated materials and a high spray quality finish. This kitchen contains a secret door lead into a spacious utility shared with a pantry. Bringing life to the section of this corner of a home.

Made to measure furniture

Made to measure furniture - Customized cabinet

Customized cabinet, hanger, and shelf systems ensure maximum use of available space. Each element can be tailored to our individual needs – height, width, hanging space, number of shelves,
or arrangement of shoe cabinets. The possibilities are enormous. Glass front drawers that let you see...

walk in wardrobe perfect furniture

Walk in wardrobe perfect furniture

Storage space is never too much. Walk-in wardrobe is a very luxurious and becoming increasingly common solution. In a stylish wardrobe, there must be an extraordinary pouffe,  which can be an interesting decorative element and might be very helpful in the event of many hours spent on fittings.

Bespoke Furniture


Unusual recess in the wall, sloped ceiling, undersized pantry or big attic – how to arrange such space in the house to maximise its potential? If you are looking for something more than just ordinary, have to consider custom made furniture. Thanks to this solution you will gain a...



What should we be looking at when deciding what style our kitchen will be styled in? The possibilities are enormous, but the answer is simple – we cannot forget what we like. Timeless and universal solutions, combined with innovative technologies, will make our kitchen always look clean,...



For many people the kitchen is a special place, like the heart of the home, a place where we prepare meals for loved ones and friends. We use it every day, which is why its functionality and durability are so important. Furniture offered in chain shops does not always meet expectations,...