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Toronto - handmade kitchen in London

An avant-garde, prestigious made to measure kitchen in London for people who value modern technological solutions. It attracts attention with an electrifying combination of materials: varnish, veneer, sintered quartz and conglomerate.

All cabinets are equipped with a unique handle-free opening system, increasing the prestige of the furniture. The variety of textures and their well-thought-out combination give an unusual sensuality. If you are looking for handmade kitchens in London, please contact our consultant.


Using our creative skills and technical knowledge to initiate projects.


Guarantees on all manufacturing and Installations.


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Providing the best value for money spent.

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How We Work

  • Step 1

    Introduction & Plan

    Initial phase of the project bringing ideas together.  Initiating the balance, alignment, contrast, proportion and movement.

  • Step 2

    Sharing ideas & Design

    Preparing a Visual aid, to determine outcomes, objectives and key features which is planned out.

  • Step 3

    Implement project

    Project is heading towards a complete transformation.


Melamine Faced Chipboard

Melamine Faced Chipboard is a truly versatile product, and an excellent alternative to solid wood with grains. Covered with a nice to the touch, abrasion resistant coating which guarantees durability of the furniture. This material looks very luxurious and at the same time is easy to clean. In our offer you will find a huge selection of chipboards, available in different styles, patterns and colours.

melamine faced chipboard

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

Spray painted finish

Varnishing coatings are applied to MDF boards. Thanks to this, the furniture we created for you will be fully personalized and adjusted to the style of the room. We offer many possibilities to match the colour and gloss level – from a matt finish to a high gloss. Spray painted surfaces are durable and easy to clean, and always look stunning.

spray painted finish

Wood veneer

Veneer is a material of natural origin, obtained from high quality trees. They are thin sheets of wood, cut from logs of large diameter. The rings, shades and any irregularities that characterise the wood are visible. It has a noble appearance and looks very impressive. This material is durable, which makes it perfect for any interior. The choice of veneers is enormous – you can choose from beech, oak, maple, cherry, ash, mahogany or maple.

wood veneer